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"A picture is worth more than a thousand words.", with this premise I compiled this piece of software.

It's distractionless and simple, it lets you create your story. Anytime, anywhere.
Two tools are available:
  • Black Pen, let's you draw
  • Eraser, erases a point

Simplicity is another word which crossed my mind all the time while creating this software.
With that you have 1 setting for your pen and 2 for your eraser: Size (Pen, Eraser), Shape (Eraser: Square or Circle).
These settings are saved in a config file so that you don't have to change it every time you restart the software.

The keybinds:
  • Ctrl + N: New Chapter (needs a Storyboard)
  • Ctrl + Shift + N: New Storyboard (opens up a setup window)
  • Ctrl + O: Open Storyboard
  • Ctrl + S: Save Chapter
  • Alt + F4: Exit
  • Mouse Wheel Up: Increase Pen and Eraser size
  • Mouse Wheel Down: Decrease Pen and Eraser size
  • Page Up: View previous Chapter
  • Page Down: View next Chapter
  • Left Click: Draw/Erase

If anything happens, or if you are curious as to what the software does, please, go ahead and view the logs in the "Documents/Storyboard/Logs/" directory to see what happened shortly before the software crashed.
The software uses the default Windows Forms icon, I will change that in a future update.

Pen pressure isn't supported yet, but graphics tablets and pen displays otherwise work just as well as a mouse.
EDIT: Pen pressure always was supported, be sure to update your drivers!
Huion Drivers (I'm using a Kamvas GT-191, scroll down for Pen Displays)

Files included:
  • Storyboard.exe - The main application.
  • Storyboard_Updater.exe - Updates the application.
  • Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.dll - Needed to locate a project folder.
  • Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.Shell.dll - Needed to locate a project folder.

Removing the .dll files will result in crashes when trying to choose a project folder!

I might update this piece of software to be a UWP app, because it just seems to be easier to develop Windows Ink applications with this.